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Naruto Shippuuden Episode 085

Konban wa! Today is a bit of a day in reverse, so if you have come here looking for the manga, and all you see is this post… you should scroll down and look at the post below to get your Naruto manga fix! But if, by chance, you’ve come in search of the latest episode from the Japanese Naruto: Shippuuden (and are probably thinking you came to the wrong website… you didn’t!), I have good news! The latest episode, the 85th, entitled: The Terrible Secret – has been released completely translated in to English using subtitles, and fortunately not the voice talents of the Dattebayo crew. And as you know, absolutely anybody who wants to give this episode their undivided attention for at least 23 minutes, is completely free to do so! All you need to do is click over to Dattebayo’s Webpage to give the torrent file a download, to then open up in to your favorite BitTorrent program to begin the download of the actual video file. Or, if you should happen to prefer things quick and easy, this episode is up for a direct HTTP download on over 30 servers for the exclusive use of our super awesome animePLUS! Members (who get access to this, and hundreds of other series) on our Naruto: Shippuuden Anime Downloads page! (Source:

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Naruto Manga Chapter 425

Goooood morning! It’s definitely a different feeling to wake up to the smell of fresh Naruto, with that papery, hot off the scanner smell (if you imagine hard enough…). Yes, we are used to seeing something from the anime in the morning… but not this week! After a short break, Naruto is back! Yes, the 425th chapter from the illustrious series entitled: Hatake Kakashi – has been released, coming to you completely translated in to English and edited in to a higher quality than that of which appeared in the pages of the Japanese Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine! If you want this weeks chapter, all you need to do is click on over to our Naruto Manga Downloads page to give the chapter a direct HTTP download! (Source:

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The Tails


Naruto Shippuuden the Movie 2: Kizuna (Bonds)

Dattebayo Special Announment

Naruto permanently dropped


Attention Dattebayo fans,

Effective immediately, we are terminating our subtitling efforts on the “Naruto Shippuuden”. This decision is not up for discussion and not negotiable. You can guess why this is happening, and no, there is nothing you can do about it as there will always be assholes who want to piss in the pot so to speak.

It was a difficult decision, but it had to be done.

It’s been a fun 4 years!

Dattebayo Fansubs, LLC – We’ve never been more serious

GAARA the Desert of Naruto Shippuuden

(click image to large view)

As you are probably aware by now, we will not be seeing ANYTHING from the Naruto manga series, or Naruto: Shippuuden anime series this week. Nothing, zip, zero! A week of National Holidays in Japan, Golden Week, has come upon us, and absolutely nobody is working, even the guys who have the crucial job of printing and delivering the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine to stores across the Country. No, they are enjoying one of the few extended vacations that the Japanese people get, and are probably traveling around the Country… or to Hawaii… with family. So there you have it, there is a reason for the lack of action, other than everybody being busy playing GTA 4! But they do make it up to us next week with a double-header of Naruto: Shippuuden goodness, when both the 57th episode entitled: Deprived of Eternal Sleep -, and Episode 58 entitled: Loneliness – will air during a one hour special, and from then on we should finally get an episode each week until well in to June.
Dattebayo is pleased to announce Naruto Movie 4 (Shippuuden Movie 1) release. This movie, just like our recent episodes of Naruto and Bleach, is encoded with h.264. The resolution is 768×432, and audio is mp3. This allows optimal playback performance even on low-end computer systems.

We will NOT be releasing alternate versions of this movie, unless we obtain a higher resolution / quality version such as we did for Naruto Movie 3. PLEASE DO NOT WRITE TO US SAYING YOU HAVE/KNOW WHERE WE CAN GET A DVD RAW. OBVIOUSLY WE USED A DVD RAW OTHERWISE WE WOULD NOT HAVE WAITED FOR THE DVD TO COME OUT BEFORE SUBBING THE MOVIE.

For those who are still unable to play our releases, we direct you to the playback FAQ, which covers all the possible playback issues.

You can expect that future releases from Dattebayo will be in this format.