As you are probably aware by now, we will not be seeing ANYTHING from the Naruto manga series, or Naruto: Shippuuden anime series this week. Nothing, zip, zero! A week of National Holidays in Japan, Golden Week, has come upon us, and absolutely nobody is working, even the guys who have the crucial job of printing and delivering the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine to stores across the Country. No, they are enjoying one of the few extended vacations that the Japanese people get, and are probably traveling around the Country… or to Hawaii… with family. So there you have it, there is a reason for the lack of action, other than everybody being busy playing GTA 4! But they do make it up to us next week with a double-header of Naruto: Shippuuden goodness, when both the 57th episode entitled: Deprived of Eternal Sleep -, and Episode 58 entitled: Loneliness – will air during a one hour special, and from then on we should finally get an episode each week until well in to June.