Well, us gaijin (foreigners) who aren’t lucky enough to live in Japan have yet to even see the first Naruto: Shippuuden movie (which we hear was quite good, and will be released on DVD in Japan on April 23rd, and we’d imagine soon after on the interwebs) that was released last August in theaters across Japan to much fanfare, but, just to tease us… the name for the second Naruto

: Shippuuden movie has been announced. Previously known as Naruto: Shippuuden Movie 2, it will no longer be known as such as it is now Naruto: Shippuuden Kizuna (Bonds) and will revolve around both Naruto and Sasuke, which as we’ve seen in a teaser trailer may culminate in a battle of epic proportions! But, we’ll just have to wait until next April to see it when it is release on DVD, unles

s you want to see it when it’s released in Japan on August 2nd! We’ll keep an eye out for any further updates!