µTorrent is most known and most used BitTorrent client. The reason behind its popularity is its light weight easy to use functions incredibly the setup file is only 215kb.
Look wise its not that cool its simple yet easy to navigate and useful, The user interface is the simple 2-pane view that most BitTorrent clients have, with in the top half the list of torrents, and in the bottom half the torrent’s details and statistics. It has ability to draw transfer statistics graph and country flag as information next to user’s you are downloading from in peers tab as well as all the tracker information you’ll ever need.
The sheduler feature is quite simple here which let you shedule your bandwidth (upload and download) depending on the time of the day or you can disable transfers on some specific time, and auto shutdown menu let you hibernate, standby, shutdown or reboot after downloads ends. pretty easy and straight forward as it sounds.
One of its another good feature is called Speed Guide which comes at the first place you install it, it let you configure all your connection and let you choose type of your connection to optimize transfer speed as per your connection specs, and test your port if it is forwarding properly, someinternet service providers limit torrent speeds so Speed Guide let you encrypt your torrent traffic for higher speeds, at the end you can run speed test right from the speed guidepanel to see what transfer speeds you are having.
Latest version also support skinning which previous versions lack, you can add your own language or edit the previous one to your needs, in my personal opinion users with low end machines should use utorrent because it take a few kb of user memory. Screenshot


Azureus is a java based BitTorrent client these days it is well known and many downloaders are using it. Azureus is known because of its advanced & vast features but the main drawback is its memory usage it takes upto 70-80mb of physical memory which is suppose to be more than enough for a torrent client, the setup file is huge compared to others its 7.7mb
This BitTorrent client is recommended for anyone above beginer because interface is a little confusing you are welcomed with 3 tabs Dashboard, Vuze, Library and unless like other 3 or 2 panes list of files statistics and vise versa at the first sight it will more look like a p2p client however i dont think what vuze is doing in a torrent client but you cant find quite good videos there ;) Dashboard let you see your daily activity.
Azureus have a unique feature too with it you can choose different proxies for Tracker Communications and Peer Communications this feature is so useful for the people whom ISP’s block torrents, it let you encrypt traffic too and all the other options are too vast and some of them may be useless for a normal user. you have to turn on advance feature to see various configurations in options. Screenshot

Additional content: if Azureus is taking more than 80mb of user memory then check if you have broken binary, update to latest java version.


BitComet is another unique and usable BitTorrent client, its not only torrent downloader it has many more advance features as well, Graphically it is better than utorrent its interface is more user friendly a lot of features on board nothing hidden or too complicated. it has categories in left pane which let you manage your downloads as easy as it can be.

Most unique feature of BitComet is its integration to firefox and IE i was amazed to see that i can download normal http data with one click from firefox right click menu, it download any http data and then automatically seed it. another good thing is drop box which appears anywhere on screen you want, it lets you easily reach program features while bitcomet is minimized.

Now this is the feature that made me so happy BitComet lets you search and download .torrent files rite from one of its pane and there are many site listed the directory is very big you can find almost anything without opening your browser and manually download .torrent file. Screenshot

Additional content: you can increase your download speed even more by using BitCommet Download Accelerator Plugin 4.4.3


BitSpirit is quite new in this business LanSpirit is powering it, it is one cute looking easy on eyes BitTorrent client which comes with many simple features.

You are welcomed with complete information about your system free harddisk space, your operating system version and NAT Traversal status etc etc a patch comes integrated with setup which is XP SP2 TCP/IP limit otherwise some of you have to patch your system manually, it comes with torrent builder it helps you build your own .torrent files and publish it to share files, you can take benefit from one of its feature P2P communication you can chat with other seeders and leechers. you can preview your media files while downloading as well. A bar that appears on the screen while program is minimized that shows upload and download rate and other information. Screenshot


BitTornado is another BitTorrent client that help downloading via torrents but this torrent client is somehow change than other clients discussed on this page, this is more of ‘point and download’ client no glossy buttons so far.

You open up the software it directly ask which .torrent file to download by popping up file select window after selecting file or files another window opens up which ask you where to save downloaded stuff. Yey downloading starts here this is simple )

By clicking advance button you can see traffic, details show you tracker information and package contents, there are settings to choose from various connection types for optimum speed, you can set upload and download speed as well, preferences are too easy to understand, Data Encryption available thats all D

By seeing screenshot you’ll come to know there is no static window or platform, they are all just little popups comes up when you need them main downloader is 1/4th of your total screen, there is no Que support bad eh, even so so simple this is a very strong and stable BitTorrent client & easy to use. Screenshot